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The Engineering Plus experts can help assess your company’s data center needs, design a data center plan tailored to your business, and/or recommend solutions. Our team can help optimize operations, and improve reliability, efficiency, and functionality.

What is a Data Center?

A data center is a dedicated space that is used to house computer systems, telecommunications systems, and associated components. Data centers are typically used by businesses, governments, and organizations to store, process, and/or distribute large amounts of data. They are designed to support business applications and activities.

What Are the Types of Data Centers?

There are four main types of data centers. They are:

Enterprise Data Centers

This is a data center built, owned, managed, and operated by an entity, typically a company or organization. They are most often housed on-site. And one of the biggest advantages to owning an enterprise data center is that data center functions and operations can be specifically tailored to the enterprise owning it.

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Colocation Data Centers:

Sometimes also referred to as ‘colo’ data centers, these are off-site data centers that are owned and managed by a third-party. This is considered a hybrid model where one third-party owns the infrastructure – the physical facility that offers space in that facility that’s properly equipped to store a business’ or organization’s computing hardware, servers, etc. They typically rent this space out by the room, cage, rack, or cabinet. Then another third-party provider is responsible for the managed services side.

Colocation data centers offer a plethora of benefits. They make it easy to maintain continuity and enhanced security for applications, data, and systems. They also make it easy for businesses to scale up or down as necessary. And these types of data centers are typically on the cutting edge, which provides businesses with access to some of the most advanced data center technology.


Managed Services Data Center

Managed Services Data Centers

These are data centers that are managed by a managed services provider (third-party). A company or organization would lease the equipment and infrastructure from the managed services provider instead of owning it. Typically, both on-site and off-site options are available.

Cloud Data Centers

A cloud data center offers a virtual infrastructure to run applications and manage data that runs on cloud servers. And the hardware is managed and run by a cloud company, often with the help of a third-party managed services provider.

Cloud data centers offer an extensive list of benefits. Financial benefits include low maintenance costs and inexpensive resources. And they are typically known for providing cutting edge resources, such as access to new technologies and staying on top of data security. Other benefits may include accessibility, control, efficiency, easy scalability and redundancy.


Data Center Assessments

Data center assessments can be conducted for a variety of reasons. They can be rather simple in nature or extremely in-depth. The type of assessment conducted is primarily determined by the overall goals of the assessment. Some of the most common types of data center assessments include:

Data Center Health Check Assessments

Health check assessments also sometimes referred to as quick status assessments typically refer to routine checks of a data center to ensure everything is running properly and performing as expected. It can be a great way to catch potential issues that could turn into larger problems in the future.

Data Center Vulnerability Assessments

These are more detailed assessments designed to evaluate a data center, looking for potential vulnerabilities. Often performed by a third-party, these assessments primarily focus on finding areas where a business could be at risk.

Data Center Growth and Optimization Assessments

This type of data center assessment primarily focuses on finding areas of opportunity, where optimizations can be made to increase key areas, such as redundancy, energy efficiency, capacity, reliability, and more. It is also an important first step when designing or revamping a data center.

Data Center Design

When designing a data center, your business needs – current and potential future needs – take priority. They will inform the design plan and help determine the requirements for success. Key components of a data center design plan include, but are not limited to:

  • Power Demands
  • Cooling Capabilities
  • Rack Density
  • Networking and Redundancy
  • Workflow and Repeatable Processes
  • Implementation
  • Integration and Automation
  • Testing
  • Security and Compliance
  • Analytics and Reporting

The data center design experts at Engineering PLUS will work with you to build the perfect data center design plan for your enterprise. We offer customized plans to best fit within scope and budget requirements.

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Data Center Consulting Services and Solutions

In addition to offering data center assessments and design services, our Engineering PLUS experts offer additional services to help enterprises with all of their data center needs. Some of our more popular services include:

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Colocation or Cloud RFP Solicitation Services

The data center experts at Engineering PLUS can help you develop a Colocation RFP Solicitation or a Cloud RFP Solicitation. They can work with you to ensure all components of the RFP are included. And Engineering PLUS even offers optional consulting services to help evaluate the companies being considered.

Data Migration Planning

Data migration is the process of moving data. It is most commonly moved from one location to another, one format to another and/or from one application to another. But no matter what type of move it is, data migration planning and change management is key to success. Our data migration team of experts can help lead your enterprise through the entire process from the preparation and planning stages, to implementing and managing the project, and completing a successful migration

Engineering PLUS Data Center Expert Services and Solutions

Engineering PLUS offers an array of data center services and solutions. We offer data center assessments, design planning, consulting services and solutions. Let our data center experts help you with any of your data center related needs; contact Engineering PLUS today to learn more.