Some of the biggest, most common, and mostly costly security risks Data Centers face may include, but are not limited to:

  • Systems Failures: Any type of system failure can disrupt business as usual. But some system failures, such as server, power and networking failures can have a substantial impact. With much of today’s business being conducted online, system failures can grind company sales to a halt. When a website goes down, e-commerce sales can no longer be captured. And without the digital tools employees rely on to perform everyday business functions, potential business leads can easily bounce to competitors.
  • Physical Security Breaches and Hazards: Physical security breaches can lead to vandalism, hacking, systems attacks or disruptions, and theft of confidential or proprietary information – any of which can disrupt business, often resulting in expensive consequences. Other physical security hazards, such as natural disasters can have catastrophic consequences for Data Centers too if proper redundancies aren’t already in place.
  • Ineffective Monitoring and Alert Systems: Ineffective monitoring of systems, equipment, procedures, and people can all have devastating consequences too. Monitoring provides another layer of protection to organizations. Without it, uncertainty can lead to critical errors which could easily go unnoticed for extended periods of time. But monitoring systems are only effective if proper alert systems and procedures are also put into place.