Victor Ortega Headshot


  • Proficient in CAD programs such as AutoCAD and Revit
  • Technology Systems Design
  • Site Surveying
  • Networking/IT Specialist


Victor Ortega, Associate, supports various design teams at Engineering PLUS with CAD and Revit needs as well as electrical design across a variety of projects. Mr. Ortega is an electrical engineer with a focus on environmental systems.

Prior to working at Engineering PLUS, Mr. Ortega began his career in electrical design at Environmental Systems Design (ESD) Global where he gained a strong understanding of electrical engineering principals and power distribution design. His experience includes providing structured cabling and CCTV designs for logistics warehouses across the U.S. and electrical and lighting designs for large midwestern hospital systems.

Mr. Ortega received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with a focus on Data Science from the University of Illinois in Chicago


  • Confidential Global E-commerce/Logistics Conglomerate*
    • 30 acre 5-year phased implementation plan – Information Communications Technology (ICT) designer.
    • Security Designer (CCTV)
    • BOM specialist.
  • Confidential Global E-commerce/Logistics Conglomerate*
    • Multitenant building retrofit for phased project.
    • ICT/Security Designer
  • Confidential Global E-commerce/Logistics Conglomerate*
    • 15-acre phased project in existing building retrofit.
    • ICT/Security Designer
  • Confidential Global E-commerce/Logistics Conglomerate*
    • 22-acre 4-year phased plan for new building
    • ICT/Security Designer
  • Hospital System, Lake Forest, IL
    • Multi-project phased plan for expansion and renovation.
    • Lighting/Electrical systems Designer.
    • MEP Systems coordinator.
  • Honeywell, Desplaines, IL
    • Existing campus renovation for building resource reallocation.
    • Electrical/Lighting systems migration.
    • Electrical Design